Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Are you radical?

At LivingRoom tonight we did a bible study where we were divided into two teams who had to argue for and against the quote below.

"We can only be radical if we start with God. We cannot get involved with all the political issues of today. What we've got to do is try and make the journey we are making as Christ would make it."
Geoffry Magrasse.

After about 15 minutes of discussion separately, the two teams came back and shared what they came up with. The followings were some of the points that came up:

  • what is radical?
  • in little things as well as in big things
  • starting from grassroot up? be radical in your own community
  • Kingdom of God is within subtle transformation
  • Jesus was the most radical person
  • you can't be radical without God's transformation
  • Jesus and Paul didn't focus on social structures only
  • love commandments: loving God, loving one another, and loving oneself
  • the issues of Christians in mainstream politics
  • the politics of everyday life
  • do we start with God, or does God start with us?
  • Christians aren't the only instrument that God uses
  • God works in history
  • The Body of Christ is called as a whole to be involved with political issues
  • it is artificial to separate politics from personal issues
  • it's not a matter of 'trying' to imitate God or make the journey as Christ would make it, but rather following Christ and experience his 'surprises'

These are only some of what we've discussed. And to me this was a very meaningful night of interaction, where we shared and listened to one another.

So what do you think of Geoffrey Magrasse's quote? Are you radical?


Kel said...

Hi Kitty, I just wrote a lengthy comment and it disappeared into the ether!?!

Nice to hear you've connected with Living Room. Sounds like an interesting discussion ensued.

If we all really made our journey as Christ would, THAT would be radical.

I like the comment by Franklin Roosevelt, "A radical is a person with both feet planted firmly in the air." Because that is choosing to live life based on faith stuff, not man-made, scientifically proven, or socially acceptable patterns.

Lately I've stepped out to become more of an airwalker. It's pretty wild stuff and people call you names other than "radical"!?!

For me becoming an airwalker has meant moving away from political issues. For some being an airwalker may require them to move into the thick of politics. As long as God is the wind beneath your feet - you're blowing in the right direction!

Kitty Cheng said...

wow the idea of being an 'airwalker' really appeals to me Kel. To be honest, I really feel like one at times.

I suppose Jesus was called a number of 'names' other than 'radical' too. So to be like Christ is to be called 'wild' :) I really don't mind being an airwalker hehe.