Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Festival Victoria News

According to the "Transforming Melbourne" newsletter, there is much cause for thanksgiving to God for the evangelistic event last weekend.

Massive organisation, work, finances, great co-operation across more than 800 churches and faithful prayer by many thousands invested in this weekend. The real fruit will be seen over the next generation, but the response so far has been wonderful.

The Festival started on Friday morning with 1200 business and civic leaders at a breakfast addressed by Franklin Graham. About 92,000 people attended over the 4 meetings at Telstra Dome - with 37,500 attending the youth event on Saturday night. 6,500 people of all ages went forward for counselling and 4,000 made first-time professions of faith.

The counselling was done by the 3,200 people trained for the event, many volunteering with trepidation, but experiencing new freedom and faith as they sensed the Lord leading them. At the final Event, the Governor General, Major General Michael Jeffery spoke of his faith in Jesus.

  • For the effective follow-up and discipling of these many special people, that their new faith will be nurtured and they will find Jesus' love and welcome from His people.
  • For the $400,000 still outstanding in the $1.8 million budget.
  • For the great cooperation and relationship between the thousands of Christians from all denominations for this event to continue and lead to a common vision and commitment to represent the One Body of Jesus to our city together.

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