Friday, March 18, 2005

The Interview Meme

I was given some interview questions by Maryam -

The interview meme works like this: I answer my questions on my blog because I put a comment on Maryam's blog. Then the first five readers of my blog who put comments on my blog will have tailor made questions for them. They then answer the questions on their blogs and offer to write interview questions for the first five of their readers etc etc. This is the meme sweeping the blogosphere at the moment, and here are my answers to Mariam's questions.

* There are three parts to this question:

a) Do you take advantage of living in Southbank?

I used to take it for granted and only saw Southbank as a place that I came back to from study / work. Starting from this year, I certainly have taken more notice of my 'proximity space' (neighbourhood) and hence I do take advantage of living in Southbank.

b)how often do you partake of Melbourne art, culture and fine dining?

Quite often actually. I go to the Federation Square, Arts Centre and various art galleries frequently (especially those free ones hehe). I enjoy the opportunities to meet with people (whether it's online or in person) from various cultures (Melbourne is well known for its multi-culturalism). I also take part in cultural events regularly too. Currently I am involved in the committee team of Ignition, which is a creative artists gathering in Melbourne. Regarding fine dining, I'd love to do it more often (if finance allows), cos I just love food.

c) what is your favourite restaurant in Southbank?

Koko at Crown

* What is a typical day in the life of a mission mobilizer with World Team Australia?

Well it's kinda difficult to pinpoint a typical day in the life of a mission mobilizer with World Team Australia, but basically I organise, plan, present, pray, care for and coordinate. So in any given day, I do one / few of these things.

Let me just summarise my work for you so you have an idea of what I do in general. I organise regular ‘focus’ mission nights, put together power point, video or dvd materials, present in various bible colleges, Christian groups at universities, youth groups and churches etc, where we share the mission needs of the world. I also coordinate short term mission trips and pre-trip training, care and pray for potential missionaries here in Australia. I also attend quite a number of conferences and seminars throughout the year. And God willing, I also travel to other countries.

* When and how did you find your faith as a Christian?

I was born into a Buddhist (with ancestor worship) family in Hong Kong. My parents brought me to a Christian primary school because they felt that Christian schools were better academically. Through religious education, I heard about the stories of Jesus, but Christ never meant much to me then. During grade five, I had a very high fever and was admitted to hospital. A couple from a nearby church came to do hospital visitation and witnessed to me. I understood that through the cross God is saying "I love you". I really sensed God's love in a way that I had not before, and I accepted Jesus as my Saviour and Lord on this day, while I was still very sick. That night my life changed, and it has never gone back :)

* What was going to Tabor like?

Going to Tabor was one of the most life transforming experiences for me. I really enjoyed Tabor's lecturers who were all so passionate about life, faith and spirituality. The course that I did not only provided the intellectual stimulus and spiritual growth that I had needed, it also allowed me to appreciate other cultures and religions. I also enjoyed sharing the Tabor life with my collegemates whom have become very good friends of mine :)

* If you were going to be stranded on a desert island, what five items would you have to take with you?

  1. bible
  2. a devotional book
  3. journal
  4. pen
  5. my laptop

PS : The first 5 people to send me a request / comment here, will be given their own tailor made questions from me personally. So please send me a comment now and have some fun in getting to know other bloggers a bit better.


Kel said...

This sounds like fun! And I think you're lucky to live in Southbank. So close to all that arty foody stuff, and the bay!
Can I play the interview meme?

Maryam said...

Thanks Kitty for sharing a little bit of your life. I'm imagining a visit to some of those yummy Southbank restaurants as I write (I'm stuck out in the 'burbs). How do your family feel about you being Christian? You sound like you really love your work too. It must be wonderful to marry work *and* faith.

Kitty Cheng said...

Hey Maryam, perhaps we can meet up in one of the yummy Southank restaurants one day....would really LOVE to meet you in person. My family is very supportive of me being a fact they have all become Christians too. Yeah I really love my work, cos I feel that it's my privilege to serve my God through it.

Maryam said...

Absolutely - sounds good to me. I'll send you an email.

moksha said...

Did u create this interview-meme thing? Not sure what kinda question u're gonna pose but I love personality tests and that kinda stuff!!!

Kitty Cheng said...

hey peacefulsoul, although i did psychology at uni, i'm not sure that i can think of some personality tests for you to do. Do you mind me interviewing you instead?