Thursday, March 24, 2005

LivingRoom Easter Special

Last night at LivingRoom Darren facilitated an Easter special. It was very meaningful and creative. After a very delicious vegetarian dinner, we started the gathering by sitting around a big circle (we had 6 new friends this week, so i felt like an oldie now hehe).

The last chapters of the 4 gospels were printed off and cut into pieces of paper. Each of us chose one or two of the gospel stories to meditate on, and then we read the passages and shared our ponderings and reflections.

Darren also gave us all a small piece of paper with the following questions as starting points:

• What words or statements ring in your ears after reading this passage?
• What does it leave your wondering?
• What does it leave your feeling?
• Does it call you to some sort of response?
• Where do you see yourself in the story?
• What hadn't you noticed before?
• What does it teach you about God?
• What does it tell you about yourself and humanity?

I quite enjoyed the experience, as different people had different worldviews and ways of looking at things.
I was struck by the various similar and different emotions that each of us expressed - and I left LivingRoom feeling closer and more intimate with the Lord. I am so grateful for His love for us.

At this Easter Season, I pray that we can all draw closer to HIM that died for all of us.

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