Saturday, March 19, 2005

Interview Questions

Here are the interview questions for Kel, who was the first fellow blogger who commented on my blog on the interview meme. Kel will answer them on her website and then offer to interview the first five commenters who request to be interviewed and so on.

* can you elaborate your opinion that every human being has an X facta?

* what are your thoughts and ideas about emergent church and experiential worship?

* how can creative arts be used as a therapy or alternative healthcare?

* what was being a news writer / editor for a weekly magazine like?

* when and how did you become a Christian?

The followings are the interview questions for peacefulsoul - the path to enlightment , who was the second fellow blogger who commented on my blog on the interview meme. Here we are:

* in your opinion, what are the similarities and differences between a new ager and a cultural creative?

* you mentioned 'pray for the right choice' in Jesus' name, what you mean by that?

* why do you see yourself as an itinerant?

* how do you keep your soul peaceful at all times?

*in what ways can natural medicine help alleviate the sufferings / pains of the whole world?


Kel said...

My answers are now posted at

Kitty Cheng said...

thanks kel for your answers. really enjoyed reading them :)