Wednesday, May 25, 2005

LivingRoom Outer Journey

Tonight we had a great Peruvian feast and enjoyed the photojournals of one of our members. It was also our last vibes together before we move into our new groups, starting from next week. What was decided was to have a couple of leaders for each of the primary communities. Every month those leaders come together for a meal, prayer and discussion about how the groups are going, how they can work together etc. Then every month or so there is the bigger gathering. So the following few weeks in the new groups will include:

Week 1 - logistics & expectations for the group
Week 2 - revisiting the core values of LivingRoom
Week 3-5 - three themes / topics to explore
eg: spirituality tour, reflective night, bible focus, real life spirituality, topical night, mission & the outer journey

Thinking back the last few months since I joined LR, it's been a refreshing experience to say the least. To me personally, out of the three points that we discussed as a group in terms of how to split the group (missional, relational and logistics), I think missional focus is most important to me personally. I will be in a creative/arts type group and pray that we will walk the outer journey together as a 'tribe' (God willing).

I'm really interested in knowing how other churches have been through similar types of processes with their faith communities.

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