Monday, May 30, 2005

Prayerise, Picturise & Actualise

Today I heard about a creative businessman's simple formula for solving his problems and overcoming his difficulties through prayer power. It is a curious formula: (1) PRAYERISE, (2) PICTURISE, (3) ACTUALISE.

  • "Prayerise": a daily system of creative prayer. Talk it over with God very simply and directly in prayer.

This guy "prayerised" his daily life by conceiving of God as being with him in his office, in his home, on the street, in his car, always nearby as a partner, and as a close friend. He interprets it as meaning that he should go about every day discussing with God in a natural, normal manner the questions that had to be decided and dealt with. He fills his daily life full of prayer - "pray without ceasing".

  • "Picturise": have a vision of what will happen. The basic factor in psychology is the relisable wish.

The man who assumes success tends already to have success. People who assume failure tend to have failure.

  • "Actualise": When either failure or success is picturised or visualised in one's mind, it strongly tends to actulise in terms equivalent to the mental image pictured.

He claims that to assure something worth while happening, first pray about it and test it according to God's will: then print a picture of it on the mind as happening, holding the picture firmly in consciousness. Continue to surrender the picture to God and follow His guidance. That which you have prayerised and picturised will actualise in God's power.

What do you think of this three-point prayer method? I think I will try it. How about you?

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