Monday, May 16, 2005

Painting & Worship

A friend who is a painter and visual arts teacher in a college shared the following which inspired me:

"Painting is a way of expression as well as an act of worship ... I discovered about five years ago that I enjoyed BIG painting particularly painting to music, not necessarily painting anything other than the rhythm and feel of the music, mind you I also liked to paint and draw from still life thru to abstract, but depicting movement has always captured my imagination. I found as I was using worship songs while I was painting I would start to worship along with painting and I started to hear the Lord speaking to me as I worked. It's a big leap from painting the words and rhythm of a song to painting God's heartbeat and His kisses I found that trust waas the bridge. I love hearing the Lord speak and some times when I paint in worship I have absolutely no idea what the picture will be I just listen to the Lord and obey. I tell you what I get such a kick out of seeing the picture especially when I start painting it and THEN the worship team sing it without being able to see what I am drawing. I also love to capture the impressions of worship and offer it back to the Lord. There's also prophetic art which is often very considered and prayed over before it is delivered."

Do you agree?

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Anonymous said...

This is an amazing idea. I'd love to see some of your friend's paintings!