Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Proximity Space

I've been thinking quite a lot about the concept of "proximity space" described by Mike Frost lately. His argument was that we need to live in close proximity to people and create proximity space with people rather than inviting them to programs, which at times can remove us from the community. There is value of going to where people already are, because practical and earthy spirituality is best found on a shared journey.

What do you reckon?


Kel said...

Proximity space. We miss our old neighbourhood. It was a small street and everyone was friendly, even those from the neigbouring streets.
Now we live on a wide street and no one is friendly. One neighbour poured sump oil over the fence and our dog got it all over him.
What a challenge to get close to our new neighbours!?!

fernando said...

I think mike has got it right, but the idea depends on there being spaces that lend themselves to proximity in the neighbourhood. if you live in an urban enviroment, or is a civicly active rural area or village, proximity space is a great idea. however, in a lot of suburban environs, there are few spaces that lend themselves to that and maybe you just have to create the spaces.