Thursday, May 19, 2005

Sustainability of Spirituality

My mate Stephen posted some good questions regarding how people sustain themselves spiritually in his blog, especially in the emergent contexts. That really got me thinking especially now that LivingRoom is going to be splitting up into three groups.

To me personally, I feel that my spirituality is sustained through maintaining a daily walk with God (and time alone with God), prayer and reflections (especially through journalling and writing blogs), getting into the Bible, spending time with mature Christians that I respect (spiritual mentors), keeping my life in perspective and to have a balanced lifestyle, having prayer partners, taking rest breaks, doing things that are relaxing, going out with friends, building in retreat time every year. I also think that a more holistic form of spirituality needs to be encouraged - with a love of nature, love and respect for art and poetry etc, the Incarnation of Christ, no boundaries between the sacred and the secular etc.

So how do you sustain your spirituality?

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