Friday, November 18, 2005

The Journey To the Margins

Melbourne is a city with concentration of the values and ideas which our society and culture embodies and embraces. A question that keeps coming to my mind recently is 'where are the central spaces, and where are the marginal spaces in our city?' The notion of 'centres' and 'margins' is really worth exploring and considering I reckon. Out of that questions comes an extremely important question, 'where is God?'

The past few weeks saw me spending time on my days-off with some artists (the centred and the marginalised) in my own locality (namely the neighborhood of Southbank and Southgate), chatting with them, having coffee with them, and getting to know them. This makes me ponder over the important concepts of incarnation, contextualisation, discipleship, engaging culture, and where God calls me to be and do. As I walk around my proximity space (using Michael Frost's term), I realise that God has indeed given me new “eyes to see, and ears to hear”. May the Lord help me not to only see and hear, but respond to what I see and hear in His love and wisdom.


An Ordinary Christian said...

I heard in a sermon last week that when God knows that we will respond to Him with obedience, then God reveals Himself more readily. There is a great book I read twice this last summer (winter for you!)that talks about this and helped me a lot - like how to look for God's moving. When something happens that only God can do, then that is God working in that person's life. To seek God also causes Him to reveal himself. BTW, you said that you knew God gave you new eyes to see. How did you know that, if I might ask? How did God reveal Himself to you?

Kitty Cheng said...

Hi Andrea, regarding your questions about how I knew God gave me new eyes to see, and how God revealed Himself to me, I'm going to write about it in my next post.