Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Spirituality Tour

I've been thinking recently about everyday faith - especially faith in the places where we live, our neighbourhood, where we work and socialize. I think it is important for us to emphasis on our homes, proximity spaces, workplaces and the place that we socialize as being as much legitimate places where we know and experience God as the places that we gather for worship at church.

I really enjoyed Living Room tonight. One of our core community members shared the tour of his life and it was quality stuff. We bought dinner at one of his favourite places (a noodle bar close to where he lives), and then we had dinner in the footy club where he is part of, while chatting and looking at people playing footy.

Then we walked up the street to a pub he regularly visits with his footy mates. Then we jumped into his car and he took us on a tour of his life, including the primary school that he works in and the place where he plays touch footy. We also prayed for him, and the people in these places where he experiences and witnesses God.

We heard about his daily routine, the interesting stories about the students in the primary school (which is a very interesting school with children from various cultures and religions). He also told us things that he's passionate about, some of the history of his life, and a little about his family and friends. It was amazing where our conversation went as he shared his spirituality tour and as we asked questions of his life. We saw a different side of someone we have known for a number of months now - it was actually quite special.

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