Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Learn to dream as a Christian

Although I am enjoying working with World Team and CCBC, I miss studying at Tabor. I really do! Yesterday I received their yearly magazine "Tabor Life" and finished reading the whole thing in an hour.

An article that I particularly enjoyed reading in the magazine was one from the head of Mission Studeis Dr Les Henson entitled "Learn to dream as a Christian". Les shares that dreams play an important part in the lives of the Momina people (the people that he used to work with in West Papua), and how in that context it was important for Les to teach the elders of the indigenous church to screen and critique people's dreams to see if they were from God, and that everything, including dreams must be brought under Christ's lordship. An example that Les gave was about this insightful elder Daniel, who realised that one of the Momina believers' dreams were not from God, told the person to go away and learn to dream as a Christian.

Les wrote the following as the conclusion of his article, which really inspired me:

'Perhaps there is a lesson in all this for us busy Western Christians seeking genuine spirituality. Perhaps we too should learn to "dream as a Christian."'

I pray that the Lord will give us (me) the wisdom and strength to dream as a Christian, and to bring everything under His lordship.

Well the World Team Ringwood East office is only 5 minutes away from Tabor, so it's convenient for me to drop by every now and then to catch up with friends and faculty. I feel blessed by that! :-)


Amanda said...

Something to think about, I've only ever thought of this from the perspective of asking the Lord to take away a nightmare.

Kitty Cheng said...

pray that the Lord will take away your nightmare soon Amanda.