Friday, November 11, 2005

The "M" Word

Speaking of the "m" words in my last post, another popular "m" word is money of course! I was chatting with a dear friend about money last night. This morning, God spoke to us through Matthew 6:19-24 through our devotion together. Matt 6:19-24 talks about storing up treasures (money) in heaven, which is the same as the importance of investing in eternal business.

In the book "The Kingdom and the World", Richard Appleby said the following:

A difficult problem that Christians consistently face is the temptation to put some trust in God and, because their faith is not as complete as it should be, also to rely on things of this world, such as money or possessions.

The detachment from wealth is a great goal to reach for. What do you reckon?

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An Ordinary Christian said...

Yes. Emotional detachment from money and the things of this world that comfort us instead of relying on God. That is right to do. It is hard. Trusting that the manna will fall from the sky each day......