Sunday, November 13, 2005

Ken Duncan

Ken Duncan is my favourite Aussie photographer. You'll know why if you look at his work (and his website).
I got chatting with him in his gallery(which to me is really like a Sanctuary) during his book signing in Southgate. I was very inspired by what he had to say. He said that his own love for photography was kindled when he borrowed his dad's camera, and became very excited by the possibilities of photography as an art form. His idea of using photos to share 'the journey of life' is fantastic.

On his T-shirt that day (which is not clear from the photo that I posted in my previous entry), it said that 'life is an adventure, not a worry!' And I like that motto. To Ken, sharing 'the journey of life' has become his driving passion as a photographer, and it led to many adventures along the way. He said that the best way to learn to take photos is to actually take photos. And I want to do the same! I am going to commit to taking more photos from now on.


Kel said...

I remember going to a community slide show where we all sat on the lawn around a lake and Ken showed his images on the big screen and told his story along with it.

He was connecting people with God in a relatable and easygoing way.
Great stuff.

Kitty Cheng said...

Yes Ken's way of connecting people with God and relating to people is a great example for me.