Monday, December 05, 2005

Emptiness & Meaning Of Life

On Sunday in CCBC Dr Kit Ho (a lecturer from China Mission Training Centre) shared about the meaning of life according to Ecclesiastes. He talked about what "Emptiness" means -
  1. Emptiness is not a lament of the depressed
  2. Emptiness because there is nothing at the end
  3. Emptiness is a description of the virtual reality

The author of Ecclesiastes said that life is meaningless. Dr Ho said life is just like bubbles (virtual reality). He urged us to:

  • Put our life in God's hands
  • Enjoy our life with simple joy and gratitude
  • Help others (Happiness is helping others)

What do you reckon?


An Ordinary Christian said...

He said to put our life into God's hands and to enjoy life with simplicity and gratitude. That is wise. To be grateful helps a lot. Some people can't find anything to be grateful about. They suffer from a bad attitude. What do you mean by BD? To answer your question, in medical school there is a required 6 week psychiatry rotation. I also took a 4 week psychiatry elective. The rest of the four years were general medical stuff. Thanks for articulating carefully your enjoyment for "A Beautiful Mind."

Kitty Cheng said...

BD Stands for Bipolar Disorder, which is the condition I'm diagnosed with.

Kitty Cheng said...

Andrea, you can read more about my BP on my previous post here: