Sunday, December 04, 2005

My Seven Secrets

In response to two of my blog buddies Kel and Keasty's tag, I'm going to give the shortened version of the sacred 'sevens' we are:

  1. One thing that attracts me to my husband: well, i can't tell you, cos i don't have one.
  2. One thing to do before I die: promote Christ's cause by mobilizing a generation into mission, and to declare the Godly truth about life to the world through creative arts.
  3. One thing I cannot do: roll my tongue (arggg....i tried many times in vain!)
  4. One thing I say most often: that's cool!
  5. One book I love: The Guardians of the Great Commission by Ruth Tucker
  6. One movie I would watch over and over again: A Beautiful Mind
  7. One blog buddy I would like to tag: Rodney from the Journey (but all of you are welcome too).


Anonymous said...

what about one person you love? :)
hello there baby. what kinda cake did agnes make for you yesterday?

An Ordinary Christian said...

I enjoyed watching "A Beautiful Mind" as well. What did you like about it that you could watch it again and again? (I'm the psychiatrist talking - can you tell?)

Kitty Cheng said...

Nice blog you've created chalyz =) one person I love is certainly YOU my dear!

Agnes made me a cake with lots of edible sweet and yummy! I must have put on weight after all that food yesterday - yum cha, Ange and Agnes' cakes LOL.

Kitty Cheng said...

Andrea, yes I can see the psychiatrist talking LOL. When you were in medical school, did you do psychiatry as well?

I liked "A Beautiful Mind" for many reasons.

The movie highlights the value of a very intelligent yet mentally disturbed man who gains a beautiful heart, mainly through the love, grace and strength of his lovely wife. Her commitment, faithfulness and love for her husband is awesome!! It made me cry almost everytime when I watched the movie (I must have watched it at least 4 times).

The clear description of the real story of a person's journey with mental health makes it a worthwhile movie to watch. It's so honest!

I was just sharing with my dear friend how I felt today, mainly to be with my own medical condition BD...."you think you're coping, then you hit a wave and you go down and come up again. The pain is there and you feel it ... and there is no escape". I think that must have been how John Nash felt as well. I could identify with John Nash to a certain extent. When I saw him in the movie, I could see myself as well. The crash of mind and the confusion he went through was done so vividly in the film.

I really enjoyed the last scene when he won the nobleprize. People have to see it to understand why it's just sooooo beautiful!

It's certainly a beautiful movie to decribe a beautiful mind.