Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Salt Of The Earth

In my previously post Salt, Light and City On The Hill, I wrote that salt conjures up the concept of social action, and being Christ to those in need. I thought more about it these last few days, and God reminded me again that we have a mission, a ministry, a task to perform. As Christians we are not to live for ourselves alone, because the gifts (as Christmas is drawing near, we ought to think of the first and ultimate gift that God gave us - Jesus Christ our Lord) we have received from God are for the sake of others. The gifts and blessings are not only for our personal enjoyment.

As well as giving taste to food, salt is a useful perservative. One way in which we will act as 'salt of the earth' will be by our witness and commitment to all that brings healing, justice and hope, in the midst of so much that is corrupt and decaying. But we can only be salt for a corrupt and decaying world if we really are in the world, engagin it at all levels and in all places.

In much of our contemporary church (probably including my own), the salt seems to be in a jar with the lid screwed on tightly. One of the great challenges facing us is to get the lid off and to let our saltiness be known. Just as the salt that is to be mixed with the world must be truly salty, the disciples who engage the world must reflect, with faithfulness and integrity, the qualities and character of Jesus.

Oh Father God, help me to truly be the salt of the earth, reflecting and embodying the likeness of the Lord, and not just plastic replica. In Jesus Name, amen!


Corry said...

Kitty, the thoughts you have on this and the way you put them in words are great. You are such an encouragement. God bless you.

God's Grace.

Kitty Cheng said...

Thanks so much Corry for your kindness. Please pray for me as I put these thoughts and words into actions...because by themselves they are not adequate. You know what I mean.

God Bless you too Corry.

audrey` said...

hi Kitty :)

how is Candice?

Kitty Cheng said...

Candice has been released from hospital, and need to stay away from various kinds of food. Please keep praying for her.

audrey` said...

all thanks be to God that Candice had been discharged from the hospital. yes, we'll keep praying for her.

how about taking more plain water, fruits and vegetables? drinking a big glass of prune juice is very effective too.

Jesus is taking very good care of her :) our Lord is the best healer too :D in God we trust!

Kc said...

These are wonderful thoughts Kitty and an excellent application of this scritpural analogy.

I'm so thankful to hear that Candice is home and to Audrey for following up. I join in each of the prayers mentioned in you post and these comments. I'm being reminded almost daily of our agreement to pray for world evangelism.