Thursday, December 01, 2005

Missional Model

I had some friends over for dinner tonight, and we had a great discussion about the ministry of Jesus, and how we could learn from Him. We talked about the Missional Model, which is one that focuses on the principles that Jesus taught His disciples. Jesus led His disciples by example in living out the Kingdom of God by being a servant to all He met. His servant leadership was sensitive to the people He came to serve, but was not dictated to by popular trends (and how often we do that in our ministry!). He listened to those on the periphery and the marginalised (tax collectors, foreigners and sinners etc.) and encountered them with the gospel. He saw their needs and responded in kindness. Through His ministry Jesus presented the gospel in a living and tangible way.

This is so important!I reckon the gospel 'bridge' must be two ways - not a monologue, not a debate or an argument, but through interaction, connection and dialogue - building relationships by listening and serving. The Bible is full of stores of God connecting and interacting with people. We need to re-tell the stories of this relationship and interation. The Trinity is a great example of community, interaction, and relationship. To be effective in sharing the good news of Jesus with friends who don't know the Lord, the Missional team must become a living, breathing gospel by being present within the community that they are called to, embodying / witnessing Jesus Christ (if necessary use words!) through faith and love in the power of the Holy Spirit to bring transformation and hope.

What do you think of this Missional model?


An Ordinary Christian said...

"Jesus led His disciples by example in living out the Kingdom of God by being a servant to all He met." This is actually really hard to do. Sometimes it is easier, or even fun, or exciting. But other times it can be pain-wrenching as we are nailed to the cross of self-denial. Yeah. It is the missional model of all the ages - the model that makes the world's fools be as wise (me included.) The wise decline such "wisdom" and prove themselves to be fools.

Kitty Cheng said...

I agree that living the missional model is hard, especially we are all sinners and are self-centred. Self-denial is a constant struggle to me too.