Thursday, December 15, 2005

Salt, Light And City On A Hill

A friend and I were chatting, and we talked about the three pictures that Jesus used to capture the main ways Christians ought to live in this world:
  1. SALT: that conjures up the concept of Social Action. As we become a part of the real world and relate to those in need we are salt to those around us. Let us never give up on feeding the poor, visiting the sick and imprisoned, clothing the naked, and providing drink to the thirsty. When we do that, we do it for Christ Himself.
  2. LIGHT: that creates images of causing darkness to flee and truth to be highlighted. As we share the good news of the gospel of Jesus, we are indeed light to the world. You don't have to curse the darkness as a Christian. No. Just shine the light. Darkness disappears of its own accord! Share the truth and love of Christ, and fulfil that great commission!
  3. A CITY ON A HILL: this reminds me of community and the visual impact true discipleship brings to the world. You can not hide loving community between believers who live differently to the rest of the world around us.

I reckon all three are vital to a full expression of our faith. Jesus gave all three images in Matthew 5:13-16. Lord, help us to take on board all three to be the salt of the earth, the light of the world and a city set on a hill.


bluecollar said...

Very well done. I especially like your take on The City on a Hill. Christians worshipping together and loving eachother is surely a light to the world.

Brother Mark

audrey` said...

please take care, Kitty.

Jesus loves you very much =D

Corry said...

Very good post and I like your conclusion. I too think all three are very important.

I started reading the Bible with Matthew and I still enjoy it. I did a drawing of the city on the hill. Maybe some day I will post it:-)

Have a great day

God's Grace.

Kitty said...

Brother Mark, Amen! Let's show the world that we love one another and glorify God.

Kitty said...

Audrey, thank you for your care. Jesus loves you very much too =)

Kitty said...

Hey Corry, can't wait to see the post of your drawing of the city on the hill.

Live, Love, Laugh said...

I absolutely loved this post! Great insight, I just read it out loud to a fellow officer!

Kitty Cheng said...

Thanks LLL for your kind words...let's be fellow salts, lights and cities on a hill =)

audrey` said...

yes Kitty!

let there be love shared among us =D

cybeRanger said...

Shalom! By the grace of God, I have visited your wonderful blog. May our Heavenly Father use you mightily for His Glory!
May I link to your blog from mine? Please reply @

forgiven said...

Hi Kitty
Great Piece

We need to look at this all the time.
I like to be salt

Keep your Eyes on Him because you know He has His eyes on you...He Loves You

Thank you Sis

Kc said...

A most excellent post Ms. Kitty. ;-)

Mark D said...

Wonderful reminder of our place and how simply being full of Jesus will draw people. You write very well!

An Ordinary Christian said...

"You know what? You're sooo lovely Andrea" That was so nice what you wrote on my site, that I just wanted to hear and see it again! Thanks. On to other things: Do you use "reckon" out there is your parts? I thought that was an old "Southern" word - as in Southern United States (at least in the context that you used.) Now, most importantly: the Word of God - I loved the way that you summarized it. Salt. Light. City on a Hill. May my family be that way - each individual member. May God do that in your life.

Kitty Cheng said...

Yes Audrey, let there be love shared among us in the blogosphere...I praise the Lord that His love has been shown through my blogger friends!

God Bless you!

Kitty Cheng said...

Hi cyberanger, thanks so much for visiting my blog, and taking your time to send me this wonderful comment. Of course you may link to my's my privilege and honour. Thanks a lot!

Kitty Cheng said...

Hi Doug, I'll keep my eyes on Him! Thank you brother!

Thanks for your encouragement KC.

Mark, let's ask the Lord to continue to help us draw people to Himself by being like Him. Thanks a lot for your kind comment.

Hey Andrea, "You know what? You're sooo lovely" (can you hear me saying it again hehe).

Yes "reckon" is a common word that Aussies like using. I didn't know that it was an old "Southern" word. Perhaps Aussies copied it from the South, or the other way around. Hehe I dont' know.

Yes I pray that God will strengthen us to be salt, light and city on a hill for His glory.