Saturday, December 03, 2005

Prayer Over The City Of Melbourne In Rialto

View from Observation Deck in Rialto Posted by Picasa

This morning I took part in an hour of Prayer & Worship at the Observation Deck at the Rialto Tower with the Transforming Melbourne Pastors Network, which aims to see Church impact Melbourne as a United Missionary Movement through the unity and prayer of churches of all denominations. I was so blessed by that one hour.
The focus today was to pray specifically for "QUEST", which is the combined churches Commonwealth Games outreach. I was very touched by the amount of commitment and work already put into place for this. The time of prayer with other intercessors this morning from different churches all around Melbourne was such an encouragement and blessing to me personally. And prayer walk initiatives in my own neighbourhood eg: Federation Square, MCG, Rod Laver Arena, Botanical Gardens, Queensbridge Square (which is just outside where I live), Exhibition Centre, Telstra Dome, Swanston Street, Docklands are well underway. I am so going to take part in them. And I encourage you all to join me too. For more information please don’t hesitate to contact me, or Quest direct. Their website is:

I heard that last year more than 60 people, from Australia and other countries, both young and old, travelled to Greece to run Awakening festivals at the time of the Olympics. The connections made with local people and the thousands visiting for the Games resulted in a newly emerging work in Greece where the church once again found a place in the community.

I am so convinced that the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne is another opportunity in a series of strategic moments. The Commonwealth Games in Melbourne in March 2006 offers the opportunity for the people of God to find their way back to the centre of their local community and culture, their proximity space. There are going to be over 70 nations represented here during the Games. If you are in Melbourne, I’d really like to encourage you to take part in this mission outreach. If you are outside of Melbourne, your prayers for the this lovely city before and during the Commonwealth games would be much appreciated.

Dear Lord, we delight to do You will! Father, we pray for unity! We pray that your Church in Melbourne would shine like the dawning of a new day! We ask that your Church be a witness during the Commonwealth games. May your Church see this opportunity as a time to fulfil your great Commission to "Go" into our world, and make disciples of all nations! Jesus make us One! One in heart! One in Mission! May the world see Your Church in loving action...Together, we pray for your Church to have eyes to see this divine appointment you have graciously given. Together, we declare this time as a time of Harvest! In Jesus' Precious Name we pray, Amen.


An Ordinary Christian said...

I am blessed by your love of God and desire to see Him live and work in your city! May God answer you prayer! I am blessed by your devotion to Him. I am reminded about how you had said before how you had suffered. I wonder if that suffering that you endured before helped to purify your devotion and singleness of commitment to Him. I wonder - is it the wisdom of God that sees the depth of faith in a person and knows how much a person can actually take, such that her faith is purified? But others suffer too, but their faith is not proved. They don't get stronger in God. Still others don't suffer that much. Maybe some Christians don't suffer that much because their faith couldn't sustain it and God is protecting the faith that they have. Oh, the wisdom and knowledge of the Vinedresser. Well, I don't know, but He knows what He is doing.

Kitty Cheng said...

I am blessed by your constant encouragement and affirmation Andrea. I am indeed a person with little faith, and a sinner who falls short of the glory of God. But He is the One who's forever faithful and all-knowing. Hallelujah! You're truly a blessing Andrea!

Kitty Cheng said...

You're right Andrea. The wisdom and knowledge of the Vinedresser is sooooooo great! And it's sooooooooo beyond our understanding!!