Thursday, March 30, 2006

Arts A-live

Arts A-live logo Posted by Picasa

These few weeks saw me busy preparing for the Arts A-live courses at work. These courses are going to take place on Monday 17 April. The vision of the Arts A-live is to develop genuine and dynamic worshippers through various training courses. The courses were planned and conducted throughout the year to enable brothers and sisters to learn arts in its various forms, and minister to the church as well as amongst the crowds in the wider community.

I believe that we can move from being just a spiritual seeker to being a creator (as an artist), sustainer, and nurturer of the beloved community, working to provide a home for to friends not yet met. We aim to raise Christ-like disciples and communities to impact all nations through creative arts.

God wants us in creative ministries to fulfill his purposes in Worship, Evangelism, Discipleship, Ministry and Fellowship. He has given us a ‘set of tools’ to carve out His craftsmanship. There are three types of courses provided – short courses (to allow people to gain knowledge of creative arts), training events / seminars (run by the professionals in the field of creative arts locally or overseas), and learning through participation in the creative arts teams (project base).

On April 17, we will be having workshops on the following:
  • CCBC Creative Arts Ministry – what is creative arts? vision, mission (purpose), core values, worship and creative arts ministry, philosophy of ministry, strategy & the attitudes of serving.
  • Drama – the 7 basics of drama, expressions and emotions

May God use these courses to build up more faithful, diligent and effective ministers of Christ!

What do you think of the "A" logo above? It was designed by a good friend, and it's very meaningful.


Corry said...

I like it a lot. It's very artistic!

I hope you enjoy the classes! Sounds really great.

God's Grace.

Nunzia said...

I agree with corry... very nice! hope you are well!

audrey` said...

Happy April Fool's Day!

Be more alert, ok?
Have fun, Kitty.

Kc said...

The "A" has an old english flair and I like the two colors. Are the colors significant too? Can you share the meaning? ;-)