Sunday, October 09, 2005

Candlelight Productions Community

he/she/it cast & crew Posted by Picasa

The he/she/it season finished last night (after 3 weeks of performance and many months' preparation). It was such a joy and pleasure to be part of the crew (and prayer warrior) in the Candlelight Productions Community. I am so grateful for that. I don't know how to describe it, but the world of he/she/it is not just a comedy show during the Melbourne Fringe Festival, it is a portrayal of many relationships today (both on stage and the interactions in the community). It has indeed encouraged me a lot, to seek out healthy examples of relationships and people. I see a community that is so committed and everyone serves others in which they'd like to be served. People engage with people. Considering what it all means for me as I introduce myself and get to know the Candlelight crew and audiences in the front of house (and backstage too) is such an enriching and meaningful experience. I certainly have taken away some key points with me during this season of he/she/it that may guide me towards more fulfilling relationships of all kinds.

The ‘Theatre People’ review is up and running at


Anonymous said...

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Keep on keeping on!


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Chin Hor said...

Hey mate, wish I could be there to enjoy the Arts Festival and Fringe Festival too! =( Am sure we would have enjoyed going for some of these things together. Those red shoes look wicked cool btw! ;)

Kitty Cheng said...

yes CH, I am sure we would have enjoyed going for some of these together. Well the Arts Festival and Fringe Festival are on every year, maybe you can come back to Melbourne next year :-) Oh yes those red shoes are sooooooo cool!

Anonymous said...

you are a professional bunch. dan