Sunday, October 16, 2005

The Wedding of Cana

This morning at CCBC, my mentor and papa (Professor Brown) shared an important message on "The Wedding of Cana" (John 2:1-11) and how we can relate it to the 'social parties' in this day and age. There were three important "A"s:


Mistakes some Christians make: to withdraw from going to parties or to compromise in parties. Though a rabbi & prophet, Jesus came to the wedding to enjoy himself.


When you go to a party, you take your Christian faith with you: friendly and helpful In all Jesus said and did, He never lost sight of His mission. He was guided by it. As a Chrisitan, be like Jesus in friendship and enjoy yourself in parties.

Activity (Action)

Jesus saved the wedding by working a miracle. You cannot do that. But be alert, God may want to perform a miracle through you in a party. And remember, Jesus always keeps the best until the last! (like the wine). It's the last days now.

My own reflection: this message was particularly encouraging to me. As an extrovert, going to parties/ social gathering is something I feel 'called' to do often. These three "A"s have given me parametres on how to be an embassador of Jesus through attending social functions. Praise the Lord for these insights.


Susan said...

Yes, it is an encouraging message. I like the fact that John included the wedding in his account. It shows Jesus humanity so well.

Kitty Cheng said...

Amen to that!