Saturday, October 29, 2005

Noirstalgia - Losses in Life

On Saturday night I went to see my friend and one of my favourite aussie actors Damon Hunter 's performance in "The Meeting" at Chapel off Chapel. "The Meeting" is about three men, with seemingly nothing in common, arrange to meet every week. What brings them together is the common tragic secret of the loss of a child. The play is a distressing, yet touching storyabout losing hope, and then finding it again in the most unlikely place, which turns out to be a support group setting.

According to Damon, the script writer wrote the drama in order to 'exorcise his own demons', as the events that the play discusses are actually a combination of true events that happened to him personally. I reckon that must have had strong healing effect on him. One day I hope to write a play like that too, God willing!

"The Meeting" reminds me of the importance of support, listening and friendship, which are essential in any relationship. Losses in life are inevitable, whether it's the loss of a child, or a parent, or loved ones, or materials, or even a home or dignity (like those who suffered from natural disasters). Yet I believe that we can survive the losses, the pain and failures of life through having hope. The message of losing and finding hope in the play is really powerful. However, I am convicted that ultimate hope can only be found in the ONE who offers eternal hope, not in human beings.

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