Monday, October 17, 2005

To The Dogs

Lone Twin at Federation Square Posted by Picasa

After dinner tonight, I headed to one my favourite hang-out places again (yes Federation Square) to see Lone Twin, who is a performance pair from the UK. They are experts in making work that deals with ideas of travel, place, endurance, human interaction and kindness (in a funny kind of way).

For the last 6 days (and tomorrow will be their last day) during the Melbourne International Arts Festival, Lone Twin have been taking to the streets and bikes tracks of Melbourne. They have been cycling around the city (and suburbs) by day and returning each evening at 7:30pm to deliver a performance-dispatch of the day's events from the Yarra steps at Fed Square.

Tonight they reported about their stories of Melbourne city at work, rest and play, and how they connected to them - as they did that, they kept on using the phrase ''to the....." (and would use this funny gesture as they said it) as a way of cheering and giving respect to the people, objects, even anmials (hence the name 'to the dogs') that they had come across during the days past. It was quite hilarious and made people laugh.

What I've gained from their performance (apart from some fun time and laughter) was an insight that as we go about our daily activities, there are bound to be people that we would bump into, (or divine appointments as Bruce Wilkinson calls it ) which allow us to create relationships and connect with strangers in meaningful ways, as Lone Twin had done. That is something I find very interesting and exciting!

What do you reckon?

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KV17 Events said...

Hi Kitty,

I saw To the Dogs on their 7th and final night. I only heard the last part of them retelling from about the 5th day onwards but it was interesting and at times very funny. I was right up the back so I was straining to hear but they had quite a nice crowd on the stairs and spilling onto the 'balcony'.

I particularly enjoyed the bits where they used the bells on their bikes :)

I also hope to be able to attend something at The Famous Spiegeltent during its season here.

Have you been to any of the free talks at the Spiegeltent and also BMW Edge (Fed Sq)?

Also living in the CBD no doubt you get your hands on a copy of the mX daily - have a look in the copy for Wed 19 Oct. The Trockaderos are coming!!