Friday, October 21, 2005

Up, Close & Personal With Artists

Yesterday afternoon during lunch time, I attended the popular 'In conversation with artists" in the famous spiegeltent outside the Arts Centre, where the Artistic Director Kristy Edmunds interviewed two artists: Stephen Petronio (from New York) and Shelley Lasica (from Melbourne).

It was an interesting one hour. Both dancers / choreographers shared about their lives as artists. I really enjoyed their sharing, and gained some great insights as well:
  • Stephen said that New York is a dark place, and is made up of rejects. So his work reflects that. He thinks that artists' work is always related to their environment. The spirit of the time cannot be separated from the moment! Dancers need to be able to pick up on how energy flows, have sense of speed, physical as well as spiritual quests.
  • Shelley strives to create choreography which has drama without being either expressionistic, totally abstract, or directly narrative. The drama is relational: it exists in the performers' interactions. Four important requirements for artists: curiosity, intelligence, virtuality and relationship.
  • Kristy Edmunds said that artists must be curious, and seek to connect something to their creative selves. Artistic work is always made in response to the conditions of the environment.

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