Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Closing Down Windows

Today I read a suggestion by Pam Farrel (Author of A Woman of Influence) regarding spending extended times with God. She said that closing down the windows of responsibility of one's life is just like we close down the windows on our computer programs. As we slow down, clicking the mouse of our lives to off, we then find we have better reception to what God is saying.

I find that to be really true. That's why I enjoy writing on this blog so much, as it gives me an opportunity to slow down and reflect on things. I also put my heartbeat on paper by freewriting in my journal, logging random thoughts as they enter my mind. I record words, phrases, poems or emotions as I need to release them from the confines of my heart. I find that if I close down my activities, I have much I want to journal back to God!

So what do you do to close down the windows of your reponsibility, or unload the stress of your daily life?

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Kel said...

this is an interesting analogy Kitty

over the past 18 months I've closed most of my windows of responsbility

and because of that I have been able to connect with God in a very different way

so that when I re-open some of those windows (it won't be all of them) the view will be totally different