Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Reheat Coffee?

Reheat Coffee? Posted by Picasa

Have you ever reheated your coffee? My close blogger friend Kel over at the X factor has posted a very meaningful entry about bitter coffee > fresh ground beans.

About Coffee: Coffee should not be reheated. Every time you brew a cup, it needs to be fresh. Make only as much as you plan to drink.
About Life: Don't rehash the past. Your past is the reason, not the excuse. Let go of what is gone.

I reflected upon this important lesson, and realized that I have rehased and dwelt on the past, blamed others for my pains, and not facing up to my own responsibilites for my failures at times, even kept on looking back at my hurts and scars. Yes I have reheated cold coffee, which causes bitterness. I believe dwelling on the past is a sin. I must stop using the past as the excuse.

Since the chaos of my darkest ages, and the diagnosis of my medical condition, life for me has constantly been a journey of letting go of some serious scars. Yes there have been many tears and hurts. Yet I praise God for blessing me with many good friends and family, who love and support me, and I am so grateful for them. Most importantly, I thank the Lord for restoring me and healing me. Letting go and letting God is essential!

Like Kel, I've also decided that there will be no more reheated coffee for me (interesting though that I always reuse my tea leaves or teabags, well I'm more a tea drinker than a coffee drink I must admit). All the looking back, wishing, wailing, wondering, even weeping have to go! I know I can't do it myself, but I can do it in HIS strength. May God help me to stop reheating coffee from now on.

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is mystery, today is a gift (that's why it's called the present).

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