Monday, October 24, 2005

Wrap Party in QBH

Melb International Arts Fest Wrap Party

The Melbourne International Arts Festival came to an end on Sunday morning. The final event and wrap up party was on from 10 pm Saturday night to 4 am Sunday morning, and I got to join in for a few hours, and it was simply fantastic to meet and chat with some of the most creative and amazing artists (both performing to visual artists, to curators and organisers) from around the world. There were so many extraordinary connections happened during the Festival, I was so glad that I got to take part in some of those. The creative sparks in my heart are truly flying, and it leaves me feeling so joyful and alive :-)

As Ariane Mnouchkine herself said about the extra shows that were done: "It is very rare to see a government authority recognise the power of theatre and for us it is also very important that it happened in Australia. Of course it is our conviction that theatre and the impact of theatre is a political, educational and enlightening tool for a better world and a better humanity. To see a government recognise this is a cause of pride. As a company we are staggered and moved."

And may I add that as a fellow Melburnian I am also very touched and pleased to see that the government authority sees the importance of arts and theatre!

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