Saturday, October 08, 2005

Red Shoe Delivery Service - Art That Moves You

red shoe collections from the delivery service travel agency

The Melbourne International Arts Festival is happening right in the middle of one of the most livable and artistic cities in the world. And it has invited many artists to journey from all over the world to be involved in the festival. There are a variety of arts available to us. Theatre show, dancing, music, movies, visual arts program etc.

One of the very creative art forms is the idea of taking ‘Art’ to the streets of Melbourne through interacting with festival goers - The collaborative group of the Red Shoe Delivery Service (RSDS) - Art That Moves You. The service are US project creator MK Guth, driver and designer Molly Dilworth and video artist Cris Moss . The service takes the mysterious journey into the realities in Melbourne through and enjoyalbe interactive art experience.

Armed with a van, a driver, a photographer, a videographer, and a whole heaps of sparkling shoes, the RSDS team takes you to any where you want to go. As I headed to the Arts Centre today, I went with a high expectation - and boy oh boy, how the RSDS team exceeded my expectation. I had the opportunity to chat with MK and I was fascinated by the imaginative ideas, creativity and her ability to make soooooo many gliterring red shoes. I am looking forward to being 'moved' to more places again during the International Arts Festival. I will surely go back to the RSDS.

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