Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day 16 Challenge - Exercise: Key To A Healthier Life

Aerobics in front of a screen :)
I was reminded today that we hold the power to determine our health through the food we eat and also through the exercise we do. Everyone wants to be healthy, but in order to have vital health we need to find out how to get (and stay) healthy through nutrition, food, exercise, diet and learn about better ways to take care of ourselves, from the inside out.

“The glory of young people is their strength.” ~ Proverbs 20:29

I realised that since winter, I have not been exercising at all. So on this day 16 challenge, I've committed to starting to walk regularly, and follow a set of DVD with aerobic exercise twice a week (as the picture above).

In 'The Laws to Success', Mr. Pack shows that without good health, it is very difficult—if not impossible—to succeed in any other area of life. The way to succeed in anything is by exercising
our will. Employ the laws of success. Anything of value takes time and effort!

I've committed to the following three action points for today's challenge:

(1) Increase my motivation - I will do this by thinking about the benefits of exercising every day. The main goal of aerobic exercise is to keep the heart elevated for an extended period of time for the purpose of strengthening the heart and lungs.

(2) Resolve to begin exercising - and then DO IT! I'll make it a habit and make it happen.

(3) Be diligent and persevere -  I'm determined to keep going, regardless of outside circumstances.

I really hope this will last and I am on my way of becoming a more healthy adult! :)


Bj Forwood said...

The exercise of the will is good Kitty a better way is to discipline the determination.
It was good stuff, just need the discipline now ant the partner to make sure the discipline works

Christopher Grissom said...

I really liked this post. Lately I have been thinking about my health. I am afraid that my health is starting to go down, because I have not taken good care of my body as I should. This entry strenghtens my resolve to turn my health around so I could be a vehicle for God to use on earth.

Evan said...

The single biggest determinant of health is place in the status hierarchy (see Michael Marmot's The Status Syndrome.) This doesn't mean it is more important than any two or three others - but it is often overlooked.

What is it about status that has this effect? In view it is agency - control over our own lives. So making those decisions about your healthy has an extra benefit just from making the decision - as well as the health benefits that flow from the diet and exercise.

Ross said...

I'd like to go back to the gym. At the moment I'm going for an hour-long walk pretty much every morning, and swimming occasionally as well. I also try to eat healthily as well. It's amazing how much better you feel about yourself if you're reasonably fit and healthy.

Kitty said...

@Brian, I agree that it's really important for us to discipline the determination.

Kitty said...

@Chris, I know what you mean. I have also been prompted lately to improve my health. Let's encourage and keep each other accountant in our commitment and resolve to turn our health for God's glory!

Kitty said...

@Evan, thanks for suggesting Michael Marmot's The Status Syndrome. That is very interesting indeed! Yes it is often overlooked. And I'm determined not to continue overlooking the importance of exercising, diet & nutrition to achieve vital health.

Kitty said...

@Ross, wow I'm very impressed that you're going for an hour-long walk every morning, and swimming occasionally. You inspire me brother!