Monday, September 20, 2010

Day 20 Challenge - An Attitude Of Gratitude

Scientists are finding that an attitude of gratitude is a powerful contributor to a happy life. Some believe that it may be the single most effective way to increase happiness.  Sometimes, it can be easy for us to think about what's going wrong, the money that's not there, the stress, or the worry.

The action point I've given myself today as Day 20 Challenge is to continuously develop & nurture an attitude of gratitude. 

"Develop an attitude of gratitude, and give thanks for everything that happens to you, knowing that every step forward is a step toward achieving something bigger and better than your current situation." ~Brain Tracy

The followings are some of the gratitude exercises that I am committed to doing regularly:

1. Name 5 things I am grateful for every day.
2. Keep a gratitude journal to write about the good things that happened to me.
3. Express my gratitude to people who have helped me.
4. Take a gratitude walk - set aside time while I go for a walk to focus on deepening my gratitude.
5. Make a gratitude list - my goal is to list 100 things.

Below is part of my gratitude list....I'm sooo grateful for:
  • The opportunities for personal and community development in my life, work and business.
  • The current projects I'm working on and how they have the potential to transform lives.
  • My husband, family and the supportive friends in my life.
  • The internet, social media, and technology that allows me to connect with many people.
  • Divine guidance and wisdom.
Life is beautiful and I'm so grateful for it! How about you? What are you grateful for in this very moment? I'd love to hear from you, so please share a few things you're grateful for in the comment box below. And make sure to FB this post so we can keep the gratitude train going!


    Bj Forwood said...

    Hi Kitty I think He threw the super spirituality switch this morning. I have just had a half hour or so of going from one praise point/affirmation to another and now your blog
    There is so much to be grateful for
    * living in Him
    * living to make a difference
    * friends who make a difference in my life
    * friends to care for,and who care about us
    * His provision in our life
    * the tools(tech etc) that enable us to do the things the He calls us to
    That's nor a bad start,
    Rgds Bj

    Evan said...

    At the moment I am grateful for some time out for my partner and I.


    Your blog is very enlightening... :) Me likey likey. :)

    Kitty said...

    Hi Brian, interesting expression you have there: "super spirituality switch" hehee.... great to know that you have a lot to be grateful for! xxx

    Kitty said...

    Evan, it's wonderful to have time out isn't it? :) xxx

    Kitty said...

    Thanks for your kind words. I love your blog with all the beautiful fashion too! :)