Saturday, September 25, 2010

Day 25 Challenge - Begin With The End In Mind & RPA

While reading the notes I took at the life and financial education seminar that I attended last week, I was reminded of the important concept and one of the 7 habits of highly effective people, and that is: Begin with the end in mind! And this is my action point for day 25 challenge.

One question many people ask is, "How do I turn my dreams, my goals, my desires into reality?" Successful people are clear about the final result they are after. They have accessed the power of why; they have a burning desire to achieve their result and it is tied to a clear specific goal.

Creating the action plan is simple when these elements are put together. This challenge saw me developing a results-focused, purpose-driven, action-oriented (RPA) plan for my day, week, month, and for the projects I am involved with. 

I believe it's imperative we learn how to design and live our lives well in all areas - spiritual life, relationships, personal & community development, health and finances. In terms of beginning with the end in mind, I have created both a hardcopy vision board during the seminar, as well as an online one (click here to see my online vision board). 

Some of the important vision I have in mind include: 

  1. Being surrounded by people who are uplifting, caring, who I love and respect. 
  2. Making a difference in my family, my community, my city, my country and the world.
  3. Inspire, encourage and coach people to live a transformed life, and grow in life's areas. 
  4. Doing something that I love on a daily basis.


Anonymous said...

its so very good to have a plan and goal for all the areas in our life so that we become well rounded and productive members of society.

Kitty said...

Yes, I agree with you there!