Saturday, September 04, 2010

Day 4 Challenge - Transformational Strategy

My mentor shared with me, "experiences create our realities, knowing this make sure you experience what you want and thus the reality you desire..... foresight really is better than hindsight."

Visual imagery is very important when it comes to goal setting, and it's good to choose our memories in advance, that's why it's advisable for us to create a vision & dream board (I shared my vision board on day 3 of my 30-day challenge above).

When people are living transformation, the focus is more inclusive, and their well-being is in relationship with others. Interpersonal interests prevail. Our common humanity become the prominent values in life. Who I am and who you are, and who we are as human beings at a much deeper level become important. Our desire is connection, communication, networking and living, rather than separation and survival.

Today's action task saw me reflecting, brainstorming & listing key points to life's major areas, which will both help myself and others as I seek to inspire, encourage & facilitate people to transformation.

(1) Spiritual Life - Friendship with God (Being Aware of God's Presence, Practising Constant Conversation with God, Meditating on God's Word), Life Purpose & Destiny, True Joy, Peace of Mind, Freedom From Fear, Attitude of Gratitude, Spiritual Growth

(2) Relationships - Relationship Matters, Long Lasting Relationships, Communication & Connection, Listen - Really Listen, Showing Love, Realistic Expectations, Commitment Is the Key

(3) Personal Development - Dare to Dream, The Power of a Good Plan, Association and Influence, Life-changing Education, Living an Abundant Life, Making the Decision, It is A Marathon, Not A Sprint.

(4) Health - Spiritual Health, Physical Health - Nutrition & Exercise, Emotional Health - Mind & Will, Psychological Health, Mental Health

(5) Finances - Budget, Getting out of debt, Saving, Leverage, Investing, Spending, Giving

In the coming days and weeks, I'll give myself specific tasks for these areas. Stayed tuned......


Anonymous said...

Those are all good goals to have and aspire to in life

Kitty said...

Thanks for your encouragement my love! :) x