Monday, September 27, 2010

Day 27 Challenge - Living Above The Line

Today the task I set for myself as Day 27 Challenge is to live above the lineLife's challenges come at us from all angles. Our responsibility is our ability to respond. No matter how we choose to respond, our choices come from one of two places: above the line or below the line.

As a foundation for communication and personal interaction, the key to living above the line is ownership and it's about taking responsibility for one's actions. Those who live above the line and take responsibility for their actions have greater control - and therefore greater personal and financial success - because they take ownership for their current situation. They take responsibility of their education, of their relationships, and of their attitudes, affecting all areas of their lives and in the process improving their self confidence.

Living below the line is about laying blame, justifying, denying, having excuses and quitting when things get difficult, none of which contribute to building self confidence or achieving success. When people choose to come from below the line, their lives become circumstance-driven, and they have little or no control over our personal responsibilities. 

I'm committed to nurturing this powerful life skill of Living Above the Line. How about you?


Anonymous said...

yes i want to live above the line, and be an above average person.


Bj Forwood said...

Kitty , in so many ways I too believe I look down on that line, of course my perspective is bound to be different to others. Different but no less valid.
Rgdsd Bj

Kitty Cheng said...

Hi Bj,
What exactly do you mean by 'looking down on that line', and what is your perspective mate?

Anonymous said...

I want to nurture this skill of living above the line too. Thanks Kitty for the insight.

Paul Turner