Saturday, September 04, 2010

Day 5 Challenge - Video Challenge

First of all, let me introduce you to Tamara Lowe today. Tamara is a motivational speaker who runs events and seminars all over the world.

Her GET MOTIVATED Seminar is an action-packed, fun-filled, explosive, exciting, inspiring, skill-building business event that is world famous for its mega-watt superstar speakers and spectacular stage production.

Have a look at an awesome motivational rap from Tamara here:

Recently, Tamara threw a 6-Minute Challenge for her facebook friends to share their story on a video clip. So on day 5 of my 30-day challenge, I've started to put together a video clip of my story. I'll post it here tomorrow, so stay tuned......


Anonymous said...

she's so amazing. looking forward to your video kitty. simon

Chris said...

lool...i loved that!!