Friday, September 17, 2010

Day 17 Challenge - Letting Go & Letting God

We humans are strange being. We have a tendency to want to 'hang on' to everything. I still have heaps of old books, old clothes, old notes, even old emails that I will probably never read again.

I was challenged today to "let go and let God". Last night, something happened and I realised that I had got involved in a particular situation that I shouldn't have, as I got this uneasiness when I sensed I couldn't handle the situation.

Have you ever noticed God has a way of reaching His people, and we don't necessarily have to get in the way? I believe that letting go and letting God rule in ALL parts of my life is an important and valuable lesson,  even this thing called the internet.

Proverb 3:6 'In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths.'

I realised that I always want to be "in control" - and am unwilling to let go at times. However, GOD is the good shepherd, and He leads us through our journeys of life, through the thick and thin, if we put our full trust in Him.

I'm also reminded that God is the Alpha and the Omega, the Author and the Finisher of our faith. We need to rely on him for our every day spiritual walk as well as our earthly walk. When we let go of what we have, we receive what we need. The paradox is letting go! It is God's principle.


Christopher Grissom said...

This post speaks to me ALOT! I know that you are following a certain challenge this month of September. But, I hope that afterwards you will come back and write more of this subject. I would look forward to reading it.

Bj Forwood said...

Good stuff Kitty, I liked the me/Him bits though I'm iffy on the old my car is 34 years old etc - not all old is "old"
I loved the graphic too

Kitty said...

@Chris, I'm glad this post speaks to you brother! God Bless! :) x

Kitty said...

@Brian, I agree that not all old is "old", but quite surprised to hear that you have a 34 yo car...:) x

Anonymous said...

Yea I think you should keep the things you need and give the rest away